Core Coaching works to get to the heart of what's holding you back from living a rich, rewarding, FUN life!

Why do only athletes have coaches? Why can't you have someone in your corner that objectively helps you hone your dreams and desires? Someone to cheer you on, to help you work through your blocks and provide you with the tools you need to move forward. Or maybe help you to learn to enjoy your well earned success!

Maybe you're considering a life change or just don't have a clue as to what will make you happy. As a certified Martha Beck Coach and EFT Practitioner, I can help you unlock your blocks to allow you to figure out your dreams. After many years of working and studying with both mainstream and new age teachers, one thing has become clear to me; when you find the fun, you find the passion and when you find the passion the universe opens up in ways you never imagined!

Don't believe it? Try if for yourself and see what happens.

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Upcoming Classes

Stand Up and Be Heard!

Overcome Your Fear Of The Spotlight

5 Week Workshop

Online via video conference| Starts Monday, January 11th

  • My Stage Fright workshop has been expanded and renamed!
  • Additional content, audio downloads and personal coaching!
  • Live via online workshop!
  • Listen to my conversation with Charlie to learn more about handling your fear of the spotlight! click here


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"Having the pleasure of working with Eva on a number of customer engagements, I have always been impressed by her ability to listen, synthesize information coherently and handle often contentious situations in a relaxed and confident manner.  She had the uncanny ability to bring a sense of calm and reassurance during a difficult project meeting or status call because she has the genuine ability to listen and consider others\' opinions.She has the ability to break down tasks to their most essential core elements and bring clarity to sometimes needlessly overcomplicated discussions.  Eva\'s ability to conduct a meeting is top-notch - she always sets a highly professional, productive tone, and at the same time relaxing and inviting.  
She has been an exceptional mentor, colleague, and friend."

- Tom, Product Consultant