Core Coaching works to get to the heart of what's holding you back from living a rich, rewarding, FUN life!

Why do only athletes have coaches? Why can't you have someone in your corner that objectively helps you hone your dreams and desires? Someone to cheer you on, to help you work through your blocks and provide you with the tools you need to move forward. Or maybe help you to learn to enjoy your well earned success!

Maybe you're considering a life change or just don't have a clue as to what will make you happy. As a certified Martha Beck Coach, I can help you unlock your blocks to allow you to figure out your dreams. After many years of working and studying with both mainstream and new age teachers, one thing has become clear to me; when you find the fun, you find the passion and when you find the passion the universe opens up in ways you never imagined!

Don't believe it? Try if for yourself and see what happens.

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 Upcoming Workshops!

From Stage Fright to Stage Zen - 2 week intensive |  In Cincinnati, Wednesdays, January 21 & 28 6:30-8:00 pm! Click here to learn more  | One on one and group coaching also available!

Do you have trouble speaking up in meetings? Does the thought of making a presentation send you into a panic? Whether you're speaking at a podium, a meeting, a conference call, or at a party, the goal is the same - to have your opinion heard. This is NOT about honing your presentation skills. This 2 week intensive provides the tools and support you need to overcome (not just hide) your fear of speaking. Overcoming stage fright takes practice. But it's hard to practice when your fear can be so overwhelming. This course will start you on your way to transform your fear into excitement allowing you to fully connect with your audience (even an audience of one)!

From Stage Fright to Stage Zen - 5 week workshop! In Cincinnati, Wednesdays, February 4th to March 4th 6:30 - 8:00 pm!

Location | Carnegie Center in Columbia Tusculum, 3738 Eastern Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45226

This is a fun, empowering workshop that provides you will the knowledge, tools, and support you need to embrace your authentic self and make a real difference in your career and personal life. Walking through your fear takes practice and this class will provide the tools you need to dial down your fear response and walk through your fear with confidence! Each week will consist of discussions, techniques for dialing down the fear response and fun exercises to teach you how to practice on your own on a daily basis.

Don't wait! Enrollment is limited so sign up today! Register by Friday, January 16th and receive a $50 discount!


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Eva is such an asset for anyone looking to get back on their path, move to a higher level or jump head first into a whole new life\'s adventure.  Your time with her will be unique, playful, insightful and eye-opening.  Helping you to see the big picture through lifes little details, her own journey gives her the skill to connect the personal to the professional, so the two paths complement, not contradict.  Eva coaches from the head and the heart, making your experience just that.... yours! 

- Chris,Writer